08 Jan

By HF Super

Who doesn’t love pizza? Being the most photographed food on social media, Pizza is the tastiest delight that everyone likes to indulge in. A traditional Italian dish, whose origin is dated back to the 10th century from a Latin manuscript found in the southern Italian town of Gatea in Lazio. The modern pizza is an invention from Naples, and the most popular style is called the Neapolitan Pizza. It has been a part of majoritry of the restaurants since the 20th century and has been constant since then. Being the single most popular fast-food item in North America and Europe, its popularity has even spread to Asia and parts of Africa where they are served in many restaurants.

Being such a versatile dish, it has textures that make it all the more loved and eaten throughout the globe. The origin of Pizza is dated back to the time when Pizza was a snacky and munching item sold in bakeries and restaurants. It was the time of the mid-80s century when the Indians adapted the flavorsome pizza and the taste of it. Pizza became popular among youngsters and foodies in India by the end of the 1990s. As it was just a phone call away!

After the history, you might be craving for a slice of pizza. Right? We have got your back! HF Super serves the best pizza base in the region along with other HF Super Bakery products. Existing in various textures HF Super supplies one of a kind pizza bases just like homemade. The crunchy, soft pizza base is ready to be baked at any instance when one feels the craving for it.

The pizza base made at HF Super is made from freshly baked dough, to serve the purpose of keeping it fresh and hygienic. Anyone can buy a pizza base but there a few ones who would love the pleasure of cooking one. And when you have the best pizza base brand around the corner, buy, top it with fresh veggies, bake & relish delicacy. Of all the dishes being cooked & baked, Pizza is the go-to-meal of every Indian Foodie. And with HF Super pizza base you will instantly get a feel of home-made pizza that is hard to resist.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy & bake with fresh & hygienic HF Super pizza base for an impeccable taste. For more information visit: https://www.hfsuper.in/ or call at: +91 82869 82869, +91 82867 82867

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