28 Nov

By HF Super

Milk is one of the richest sources of calcium and Protein a staple dairy product. HF Super serves a wide range of mouth-watering milk varieties. The best part? We also have special tea milk for all the tea lovers out there.

1. HF Super toned milk

A perfect blend of buffalo milk and skim milk balancing the important nutrients such as calcium and protein. More nutrient value and reduced fat content.

Toned milk is a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It’s a very healthy choice for most people. Toned milk is a nutritious option and offers many of the same benefits.

2. HF Super full cream milk

A lot of misconception floats everywhere that full cream milk is not suitable for adults, but it is not true. HF Super Full cream milk is healthy for adults as well as infants providing the essential elements throughout.

Full cream milk is best for children, teenagers, bodybuilders, and pregnant and lactating mothers.

3. HF Super double toned milk

Rich in nutrition where the fat content is reduced up to 1.5 % and the non-fat solids content is increased to 9%. The milk has fortification of vitamin A & D.It has calcium in abundance which strengthens the bones, teeth and muscles.

4. HF Super skimmed milk

This is for the ones who are eager to lose weight but can’t give up on dairy products. HF super skimmed milk contains milk fat (max.) 0.5 %. The fat-free milk is lighter and thinner in consistency giving you a sense of wholeness.

5. HF Super standardized milk

A consistent and balanced milk variety. Standardized milk has fat 4.5 % (Min.) & SNF 8.5 % min. It contains vitamin B1, B2, B3 & B9. This milk further is a great source for making ghee and butter. Due to less content of fat as compared to full cream milk, it is easier to digest.

6. HF Super cow milk

Invigorated with rich nutrients like Vitamin D, this milk will become an indispensable part of a child’s diet. A healthy addition for keeping the bones strong and healthy.

7. HF Super tea special milk

HF Super tea special milk has been homogenised and fortified with Vitamin A & D. Tea being India’s most popular drink requires all the special treatment possible and hence, HF Super Tea Special milk is perfect to please the thirst.

8. HF Super ultra-pasteurized standardized milk

HF Super Ultra-Pasteurized Standardized Milk is used for the sweet products. It is a great option for sweet manufacturing because of containing more fat % & more SNF %. So, this milk can be used in making sweets.

Now you know which milk suits you the best. Go and grab your packet of milk from the HF Superstore near you. For more information about HF Super, visit: https://www.hfsuper.in/

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