09 Dec

By HF Super

As they say no tea & coffee is complete without a cookie. HF Super cookies are your perfect partners for a cup of drinks. Now, kickstart your day with creamy, delicious, eggless and healthy HF Super cookies. The best cookie brand in Punjab gives you an ample number of options when you crave for a crunchy delight.

AJWAIN COOKIES: Carom seeds commonly called ajwain are good for the stomach, giving all the more reason to have Ajwain cookies. Ajwain along with a pinch of salt making it unique and unavoidable from all the other cookies.

JEERA COOKIES: The golden-brown cookies with black jeera’s sprinkled in it make for a perfect sweet and salty delight to indulge in. The cumin helps dispel gas, and eliminate toxins from your body. Thus, healthy cookies all the way.

ATTA COOKIES: One of the healthiest cookies made by HF Super. What sets them apart is that they are entirely made of Atta providing an incredible taste that melts in the mouth the moment you eat it. The best choice for people who love to stay healthy and take less sugar.

ALMOND COOKIES: Generous number of almonds rolled along with the dough, given a shape that is impeccable insight and satisfying the sweet tooth with the wholeness of almonds. Almond cookies with milk are the best combination for the kids who love to munch along with their daily glass of milk.

CHOCO CHIP COOKIES: Loaded with rich creamy and delicious flavour is what defines HF Super's Choco chip cookies. Made with the combination of dough and milk, Choco chips cookies make every bite taste like heaven. Everyone’s favourite, just munch on this snack at any hour of the day.

DIGESTIVE COOKIES: HF Super Digestive cookies is a perfect accompaniment with any hot beverage. This soft and crispy indulgence keeps getting better with every bite.

OATS & CASHEW COOKIES: A few oats never hurt anybody! Baked with butter and love, oats and cashew cookies are perfect to snack on when you need something a little nutty and a little sweet that’s chewy with a bit of crunch!

HF Super, one of the Best Bakery Products provider in Punjab is now letting you enjoy your guilty pleasures. Rush to your nearest store and grab your favourite pack of HF Super cookies now. For more information, visit: https://www.hfsuper.in/our-products/bakery-products/cookies

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