15 Nov

By HF Super

Tough to decide what to have for breakfast? Pancakes or Paranthas? Let’s leave both and go another way of making bread our option. North Indians are known to be a true lover of Paranthas but it’s time for a change now. Relish the taste of soft, easily sliceable bread by HF Super. Not your regular bread, the HF Super bread gives a feeling of fullness with their rich texture. Explore the whole range of healthy and hygienic HF Super bread which includes:

1. Super Bake Bread: The perfect bread to bake your sandwiches in. Easy to eat as they are subtle in texture which melts like butter in the mouth. Super Savoury with aromatic taste making it the right choice for enjoying the pleasure of eating a sandwich.

2. Atta Bread: This is for the people conscious about health and hygiene of their body. Keeps full for a longer duration and hence, soothes the hunger pangs.

3. Brown Bread: An essential for the people who love to keep themselves fit and active as brown bread contains minerals like magnesium, potassium & zinc. The minerals present in it often reduce the risk of illness, a certain type of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

4. Soft Sandwich Bread: A saviour for your mid-day or evening snack time tasting best with veggies and toppings. In every bite of the sandwich, you will feel the scrumptiousness of HF Super Bread.

5. Multigrain Bread: The nutritious, low-fat baked bread for the ones who love keeping the count of their dietary inputs. An essential for the growth and repair of body cells to increase the metabolism.

6. Jumbo Sandwich Bread: The tenderness of Jumbo sandwich bread will leave you yearning for another bite. Unleavened for the best experience and minutely taken care of while baking.

HF Super - the best bread brand in Punjab offers a delicious range of healthy yet flavoursome bread that will leave you wanting for more! All freshly baked and packed with love and care. Hurry now and grab your favourite pack of finely baked HF Super bread today!

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