24 Oct

By HF Super

The festival of lights is around the corner and it is complete without a splurge of sweets. Be it any special occasion, sweets have always the highlight of every Indian Festival and over time has become an expression of love and gratitude for all. Nothing comes closer to indulging in a box filled with sweet delights that amplify festive spirit instantly.

The best part? Now you can satisfy your sweet cravings without compromising on your health.

HF Super offers the best Indian desserts that will make for a healthy yet delicious treat this Diwali.

Mentioned below are some of the sweet and scrumptious offerings from the best sweet dessert brand in Punjab.

1. Kheer

Rice Kheer needs no introduction. The taste of rice simmered in milk and sweetened with sugar is relished by every Indian household till date. What makes it an ideal pudding to indulge this Diwali are the health benefits associated with it. Every 5-ounce serving provides a small amount of both vitamin A and vitamin C. Along with being a good source of calcium and low in cholesterol.

2. Milk Cake

An all-time hit dessert during Indian Festivals, Milk Cake is made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese which instantly melts in your mouth. The slight caramelisation enhances the taste and flavour even more. Compared to other desserts, this paneer-based dessert is lower in carbs (50g of paneer has only 0.6g of carbs). So, to make the season of festivals extra special, enjoy this sweet bliss with your loved ones.

3. Pinni

The mighty delicious Punjabi sweet Pinni, not only tastes rich but also, great for one's health. Since it is packed with the goodness of milk, dry fruits, nuts and desi ghee.

A true delight for the people with a sweet tooth. Try HF Super's Kaju Pinni, the best brand in Punjab to relish its true taste over and over.

Now, you have all the more reason to overindulge in mouth-watering sweets - without feeling guilty! Treat yourself to some healthier versions of Festive delights by HF Super - the best sweet brand in Punjab that provides high-quality products - all fresh and hygienically packed. This Diwali, relish and rejoice with your family and friends with healthy, decadent, guilt-free sweet treats.

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