10 Sep

By HF Super

Not many know why HF Super is trusted to be the leading dairy & bakery company in North India. How we became one of the best milk brands in Punjab and one of the best bakery brands in Punjab is no secret. With a wide variety of lip-smacking products, impeccable taste, top quality, and hygienic processing, HF Super prepares and packages its offerings with love and care. A lot goes into making sure that the inception of production from the arrangement of the purest raw materials to the delivery of the finished goods in your hands, surpasses the standards of all and gives you a joyful experience of relishing the same. We put our heart and soul into designing the perfect recipes for these vast ranges of products:

1. HF Super Dairy Products

With a processing a capacity of 5 lakh litres of milk per day, HF Super is one of the leading milk production plants in Punjab that offer pure quality milk to everyone. HF Super dairy & milk products come in many types. From full cream milk for growing kids to cow milk rich in nutrients, from special milk for tea to skimmed milk for fitness freaks; we've got it all! Our desi ghee and yummy flavours of lassi are full of vitamins and calcium. Our curd, milk powders, and paneers will always keep your kitchen stocked with essentials and our desserts of pinnis and kheers will fill your home with sweet moments.

2. HF Super Bakery Products

Our bakery products are super delicious, fresh and full of health. HF Super breads have proven to be a good start to the day. They range from atta and sandwich bread to brown and multigrain bread for the health-conscious. Not only this, we have different types of cookies and rusks for all kinds of hunger pangs and evening tea snack times. Be it burger buns, pizza bases, pavs, or kulchas, HF Super has got you covered for all dinner parties and dishes your kids would love to binge on!

3. HF Super Ice Cream Products

HF Super has one of the best ice cream plants in Punjab that churn out fresh and delicious treats for all. Now give in to your love for sugary sweets with HF Super ice creams and delve into a range of delectable flavours of tutti-frutti, kaju kishmish, pista nuts, black currant, rajwadi, rajbhog, vanilla, strawberry and malai and khoya kulfi. These are all packaged with love and available in gallons, tubs, kulfis, sticks, bricks, Cassata.

Over the years, we have invested heavily in technology & testing, keeping our infrastructure updated for maintaining the best quality of products. We have state of the art machinery that produces goods untouched by humans. This is the reason why we rank high in the list of milk plants in Punjab and are also considered to be the best ice cream manufacturers in Punjab.

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